B2B Commercial Marketing Sectors - US & CanadaRich Enterprises, Inc., lead generation services can be adapted for a wide range of industries including:

  •   Commercial accounts such as marketing, consulting, training, safety, etc.
  •   Industrial accounts such as energy, oil and gas, manufacturing, production, etc.
  •   Mechanical companies that specialize in facility management services including hvac, refrigeration, janitorial, etc.
  •   Companies from both the USA and Canada.

When you begin a program of this nature, market segmentation is very important. Segmenting your prospects into groups with commonalities allows us to present a message that is most effective with the market segment.

Lead Generation consists of Nurturing the lead from prospecting, to appointment setting and to the SaleRegardless of your industry, a consistent system for generating leads and processing leads is essential to sales and business growth. Lead generation campaigns begin with a strategic plan that outlines program goals, scripting, target market, and methods for converting leads to sales. Our team knows the qualifying and probing questions to ensure that you have viable sales leads. A lead generation program must be measurable based upon the following:

  •    How many new sales do you need to generate?
  •    How many leads do you need during a week or month to achieve your sales goals?
  •    How many telemarketing calls are necessary to obtain that number of leads?
  •    Is your team ready to convert leads to sales? Do they have the training and the tools to convert leads to clients?
  •    Do you have a process for allocating leads amongst sales reps?
  •    Can you measure the conversion rates of all leads and use that information to compare lead sources and their related cost effectiveness?
  •    Can you measure the conversation rates for each sales rep, so that you can take corrective action?

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